A lab of innovative ideas and good practices sharing activities in international networking strategic alliances

Research & Development

Linking needs analysis to proposal drafting and project design. 

Network and Cooperation

Promotion and development of transnational partnerships, project ideas co-working.

Financing Opportunities

Broadening the range of financing sources.


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Let People speak

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“Being able to witness the success stories of women entrepreneurs in different contexts and fields was very inspirational. I will share these stories to help and motivate others. They will further create a base to develop new projects in the area”.

Seyma Akin

Konya, Turkey, Project team member, participant in the Promimpresa Short-term joint staff training event in the rural Madonie mountains-EW4RD-Empowered Women For Rural Development- Nov 2021

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"I was inspired by the women I visited, their businesses in rural areas. After returning and reflecting on the experience gained during the project, I realized that it is possible to do business at your own pace”

Agnė Grybauskienė

Širvintos, Lithuania – Entrepreneur, participant in the Promimpresa Short-term joint staff training event in the rural Madonie mountains-EW4RD-Empowered Women For Rural Development- Nov 2021

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"Thank you, Promimpresa Team, for the interesting and great Soft Skills training, for the friendship and hospitality you showed us in Palermo!"

Alina Dica

Asociatia Edulife Craiova, Dolj, România
E+ KA1 Soft Skills Training,  18 -23 July 2021, Palermo

Our team

Our business experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Head of P-EUprojects Department

Antonella Sgobbo

After her MA in International Cooperation, she worked as Project Coordinator in socio-economic inclusion projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Mediterranean Europe.

Erasmus+ KA2 Coordinator

Anna Bellan

Anna is passionate about green economy, gender equality and migration matters. She’s a MA in Sociology. 

Project Manager

Margherita Angelucci

With a MA in International Relations, she has worked for many years between South Africa and SouthEast Asia in Profit and No profit contexts.

Project Manager and Trainer

Vassil Georgiev Simenov

An avid educator and learner, with a BA in culturology and psychology. In constant pursuit of providing healthier learning solutions for both students and teachers. Experienced in training delivery and management, content development, and instructional design.

Project Manager

Ornella Basile

Management of Eu-funded projects with a special focus on socio economic inclusion of Youth, sustainable tourism and digital literacy for adult learners.

Mobility Desk Intern

Valeryia Yaromina

Trainee in charge of the operational management of Erasmus+ KA1 mobility, both outgoing and incoming. Graduated in Languages for International Relations. Passionate about travel, food and different cultures.

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