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Implement your project with us!

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to offer your students so that they can develop their professional skills and gain international experience? Then our international internship programs are just for you!
Promimpresa is a company based in Sicily that offers high-quality internship opportunities to students across Europe. Internships can be completed both in Southern Italy, Northern Italy and also Bratislava. Our goal is to connect young people with professional development opportunities and introduce them to the rich Italian culture and working environment.
We offer internships in various fields such as mechanics, tourism, hotel, IT, art, gastronomy, languages, logistics and so on. We can also prepare for work placements for request.

Our service is also aimed at teachers all over Europe, to whom we can offer the job shadowing and training course activities.

Why choose Promimpresa?

  • A professional and friendly team to support you throughout the internship period.
  • Quality internships in recognized companies and organisations.
  • We offer versatile accommodation options and we always support you in all questions related to practice.
  • Want to learn more about our internship programs? Fill in our contact form below.

Who can participate?


High school, vocational training centre students and university students may participate from the first year of the course until 12 months after obtaining the diploma or qualification.

School staff (teachers, managers, administrative and operational staff)

Teaching and non-teaching staff of schools of all levels (from kindergarten to high school, both public and private), vocational training centres and training centres for adults may participate. The activities can be carried out for periods of a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 2 months.

School staff can take part in activities of:

  • job shadowing: offers school staff an opportunity to spend a period abroad in an educational organisation of all levels and levels
  • training: support the professional development of staff working in the school sector
  • teaching at other European institutions: this activity enables school staff to teach or provide training to a partner organisation abroad

The programme finances the mobility of teachers and school staff, covering in full the costs of travel, individual support (board, lodging and local transport during the mobility based on the cost of living in the destination country and the days of stay), special needs and accompanying persons (if adequately motivated), organisational support (expenses for insurance coverage, monitoring of participants, their selection and pedagogical, intercultural and linguistic preparation, validation of learning outcomes, dissemination activities), possible course fees, exceptional costs adequately motivated.

Why choosing Promimpresa

Promimpresa has been active in the field of European projects design for over ten years, from idea developing and proposal writing to coordinating and actively participating, from partnership pattern building and administrative coordination to dissemination and communication planning. A specific department of our company plans and implements EU co-financed projects: such as Erasmus+, ENI MED, Interreg Med.

Promimpresa has acquired valuable experience in developing and delivering training courses, distance-learning solutions and consultancy services for businesses, elaborating innovative and targeted contents, methodologies and educational tools aimed at a various different target groups. This expertise has proved to be profound and valuable in the context of European Projects.

Promimpresa has also a large network of different companies where students can get high-quality professional internship. We guarantee that we only work with highly rated companies. Based on the student’s CV, we find a suitable internship position.

Training Courses

Promimpresa has a specific expertise in organizing training courses targeting schools and trainers with the aim to provide relevant skills to increase the success rate and the quality of project proposals.

The high-quality of our courses is based on the hands-on experience and accuracy of the team and on a practical and operative approach. experiential learning activities have to be carefully designed and executed. Our methodology is based upon Classroom-based experiential learning, including games, case studies, simulations, role-playing, multimedia materials, group exercises, constant interaction between trainer and trainees and complete involvement of participants, etc.

The course will have a special emphasis on designing experiential learning activity and environment that promote student learning and engagement: from how to plan the activity, how to teach it, to how to evaluate it.

Our Courses are inspired by the European Union’s Erasmus+ KA1 program to provide participants, the best opportunities to travel abroad, receive effective training on the most innovative strategies and best practices in the field of education, exchange your work experience with foreign colleagues, and visit wonderful cities in Italy, in Sicily, Lombardia and Emilia Romagna.The social and cultural dimension of our courses is important. During the training courses period in Italy, we will organize cultural and recreational activities to make the mobility experience, also a local artistic and heritage discovery.

Job shadowing for teachers

Job shadowing is an effective form of professional development with many potential benefits for teachers. It gives teachers opportunities to see other teaching practices from a different angle and enriches the process of continuing professional development and expand their network to a European level. Promimpresa is able to find the best job shadowing opportunities in Italy.

Promimpresa can organize job-shadowing activities for teachers in numerous sectors, guided visits to other organizations and companies in order to provide a complete exchange of knowledge, forms of learning and other teaching methods, participation to seminars, cultural activities and touristic visits.

Specifically, Promimpresa offers:

Relevant and high quality placements through a large network of workplaces
Travel arrangements (flights and internal transport)
A great social and cultural program for participants
Accommodation & meals

School Groups: student Work experience abroad

Erasmus+ encourages young people (Higher education students and Vocational education and training students) to gain work experience internationally, increase their cultural awareness and enhance their employability. School, organisation or institution must apply for funding and the placement choice has to relate to the students’ specific program of learning at school and their personal development needs. Applications can not be made by individuals.

Promimpresa is part of an international network with enterprises, social enterprises, public bodies, research institutes, foundations, schools and educational centres, non-profit organisations, NGOs and Civil society organisations, professional counselling and career guidance providers, and it helps organise work experience weeks for students to gain invaluable experience in their chosen vocation.

Specifically, Promimpresa offers:

  • Relevant and high quality placements through a large network of workplaces
  • Travel arrangements (flights and internal transport)
  • A great social and cultural program for your students if required
  • Professional help with your Erasmus+ application agreements and work documentation (Assistance for Preparation of students application package)
  • Accommodation & meals (Apartments, Hostels, or Hotel)
  • Language courses in combination with the placement if required
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