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Well School Tech

Promimpresa is a partner of the Erasmus+ project “Well School Tech” (2016-1-LT01-KA201-023171).

Together with project partners Vilniaus Kolegija (VIKO), ECQ (BG), Istituto Superiore di Sanità – ISS, University of Lodz (PL) and Europa Training (UK), Promimpresa is pursuing the goal of promoting mental health and the prevention of mental disorders in adolescents and pre-adolescents, in order to improve the development of social, cognitive and emotional skills together with the definition of personal goals and achievement of self-discipline and so called “life skills”, particularly for social relationships, self-acceptance, self-efficacy perceived in managing negative emotions and quality of life. 

The project aims to provide secondary school students the appropriate skills to monitor and manage their level of mental wellbeing, through the development of a pedagogical tool that will use as a basis the good practices and expertise in the field of mental wellbeing exchanged among the partnership. 

Partners will share knowledge concerning mental well being management in school as well as strategies to involve in the best way all the actors that play an important role in the mental wellbeing of students, i.e. teachers and family members. The programme uses a learner centred approach involving the target group in the development of the educational tools addressing them. ICT methodologies are integrated in order to foster the involvement of students with more attractive resources and with ICT-based teaching and learning methods.

Project objectives are:

  • to exchange good practices for mental wellbeing management in the school context, in order to collect methodologies aimed at the students’ wellbeing with the direct support of the actors involved in the wellbeing and learning process of students i.e. teachers and parents;
  • to provide students with tools to manage mental wellbeing, improve communication skills, increase self awareness and problem solving abilities;
  • to produce high quality resources for professionals and improve their competencies to deal with diversified groups of students, making use of new technologies and learner-centred pedagogical approaches.

The project sets out to produce 3 Intellectual Outputs:


Collection of best practices for well being management


Manual for the wellbeing management in school


Well-School-Tech pedagogical tool

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