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Promimpresa is partner in the European project TRAINING ACCESS, a two year project between organizations (public and private) from Spain (FTSI, the project coordinator), Austria (BEST), Germany (Wisamar) and Italy (Promimpresa).co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.

The project is funded within the KA2 programme.

The main objective of TRAINING ACCESS is to promote and to facilitate the training in basic competences of adult unemployed people with low level of qualification, especially long-term unemployed people.
We want to motivate and train the target group through specific tools adapted for their learning. Later they will be able to redirect their formative-work itinerary to a higher level.
The final product consists in a platform for learning basic skills (reading, writing, maths and digital skills) it will be free access to the target group and professional workers who work with the collective. The platform will contain different materials and tools to facilitate motivation towards the basic competences to improve their level of knowledge. Within the materials of the learning platform, will be designed an interactive game for the calculation training.
During the execution of the project, there will be 320 unemployed people with low qualifications and 132 professionals (educators and head of centers), all of them from the 4 participating countries (German, Austria, Spain and Italy) .
1- LEARNING WEB PLATFORM: click here to visit the website

TRAINING ACCESS is running between October 2018 and March 2021.

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