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Social PEAS

Promimpresa is a partner of the  Erasmus Plus project “Social Permaculture: Empowering an Active Society project” (Social PEAS 2021-1-CY01-KA220-ADU-000035198). The project has a duration of 30 months, starting in January 2022 and ending in June 2024.

Together with the project coordinator FILOI TIS GIS (Cyprus) and partners FRIENDS OF THE EARTH MALTA, FUNDACION INTRAS (Spain), Stichting Hekate Conscious Ageing (The Netherlands), ICEP (Slovakia), Promimpresa is pursuing the goal of an inclusive community which implement sustainable principles to achieve social and personal wellness.

The project aims to create permaculture training for people working with vulnerable adults, as well as for vulnerable adults to increase their knowledge and competencies to be able to use  tools from social permaculture and nature therapy for improvement of well-being and social resilience while taking care of the environment. 

Project objectives are:

  • To support adult educators to increase their knowledge and gain expertise in regenerative social permaculture, nature permaculture and how to use permaculture gardens for different marginalised adults for wellbeing and to build resilient communities. This will be achieved thanks to creation of a training curriculum tailored on the adult educators needs.
  • To provide adult educators with the necessary tools through the means of a manual and programme guide to create permaculture gardens and work programmes with marginalised adults
  • To create opportunities for adult educators to continue with their professional development and gain certification for their learnings in nature and social permaculture.
  • To increase awareness amongst adult educators on the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues and how their work can be a vehicle of transformation in both respects.
  • To develop key competencies amongst vulnerable adults around self-care, self-reliance, active social participation, community work, social skills, co-design, food autonomy and green entrepreneurship to have the ability to participate in modern society.
  • To improve well-being and social inclusion for adults through contact with nature, using non-formal education for engagement, through pilot projects that will be spaces for vulnerable adults and other community members to work on together. This will also support fighting stigma that marginalised adults currently experience.
  • To develop self-paced online tools as open educational resources where all the didactic materials will be available for free for a wide reach of adult educators.
The main target groups addressed are:

  • Adult educators/trainers/facilitators/social workers
  • People with mental health issues
  • Vulnerable people (including people with disabilities, homeless people, elderly individuals, people with mental issue ecc.)

The project sets out to produce n°4  Intellectual Outputs

IO1 Training Course

Building a Foundations for Permaculture and Social-Ecology learning for Adult Educators: This project result will focus on the development of a non-formal training course based on the permaculture principle and tailored specifically for adults educators/ trainers/ facilitators/social workers, working with marginalised individuals.


Best Practice Manual and step by step Programme Guide for the creation of permaculture with vulnerable adults: this manual will collect best practices from all the partner countries to assists adult educators to be able to implement the permaculture garden with vulnerable adults in the best possible manner.


Adaptation of Training Course into Digital Format and the creation of an Online Learning Platform: this result will ensure that the course delivered is accessible to adult educators at any given time in bite-size modules and digital content, self-paced for the needs of professionals working with vulnerable adults.


Certification Protocol: The purpose of this Result is to provide a structured opportunity to validate and certify the competencies that are acquired through the use of the tools and methodologies developed in the project.

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