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Promimpresa is a partner of the Erasmus + project “Power-up” (Ref. N 2023-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000152627.).  The project has a duration of 24° months, starting in December 2023 and ending in November 2025.

POWER-UP, funded within the Erasmus+ KA2 programme, will be carried out by the following partners:

  • RegioVision GmbH Schwerin (Germany) –
  • Promimpresa Società Benefit s.r.l.(Italy)
  • BS der Landeshauptstadt Schwerin Technik (Germany) –
  • INSTITUT INPRO, a.s.(Czech Republic)-
  • Střední odborná škola a Střední odborné učiliště dopravní Čáslav (Czech Republic) –
  • EUROFORM Scuola Professionale dei Mestieri (Italy) –

This project proposal centres around reshaping vocational education for car mechanics and electricians, aligning it with the swift transition to electric mobility. The primary focus is on crafting contemporary materials for pertinent Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs. The aim is to furnish apprentices with forward-looking skills tailored for jobs that are either emerging anew or are yet to materialise, evolving in tandem with the ongoing e-transition.

The chosen paramount priority is the “Environment and fight against climate change.” Electric mobility assumes a crucial role in combating climate change. The myriad ways in which electric vehicles (EVs) contribute to this cause are diverse:

The shift to electric mobility in Europe is undeniable, driven by the European Union’s comprehensive strategies, plans, and legislation, including restrictions on traditional fuel vehicles. Regardless of differing opinions on these changes, the direction is clear, leading to inevitable shifts in the European labor market. In response, PowerUp aims to support Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs in adapting to this evolving landscape.

Specific objectives:

  • Update and adapt teaching materials in VET schools and programs for the automotive, autotronics, and electrical engineering sectors, creating a minimum of 3 distinct material types covering at least 20 topics by Spring 2025
  • Establish an international online platform by Autumn 2025, facilitating resource sharing, know-how exchange, and self-assessment for VET teachers, trainers, and providers.
  • Distribute project materials to the primary target group of VET teachers, trainers, and students, along with other relevant VET providers, re-skilling centers, and similar entities by Autumn 2025

The main target groups addressed are:

  • Vocational education teachers, trainers, and lecturers of vocational subjects that are related to car mechanics, autotronics, electrical engineering and similar subjects or programmes.
  • Students and apprentices within this field


Visit the project Website for POWER-UP

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