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Promimpresa is a Partner Organization of the Italy-Tunisia 2014-2020 Transboundary Cooperation Project Entrepreneurial Alliances within Transboundary Networks (ALLER), (First standard project), Ref. No. IS_1.2_008 CUP No. G48H19000970005, Objective 1 – SMEs and entrepreneurship development, Priority 1.2 – Promotion and support for entrepreneurship, under the coordination of the lead organization CONSORZIO ARCA, and the Project partner Organizations:

Started in October 2020, for a duration of 24 months, the project began its activities in May 2021, due to the health crisis which delayed the implementation of some actions.

ALLER introduces several innovative elements aimed at enhancing the key role of entrepreneurship for the development of the involved territories.

The participatory approach, through which the partnership actors collaborate for the co-design of economic models and innovative procedures, aims to contribute to the generation and management of sustainable innovation ecosystems.

The exploitation of innovative technologies and business models implemented by start-ups and young companies will both lead to socioeconomic progress.

Project objectives are:

  • Consolidate technical, technological, and commercial alliances among innovation and entrepreneurship actors in the concerned territories in Tunisia and Sicily.
  • trengthen the link between universities, institutions, and businesses in the field of innovation
  • Provide a system of relations and favourable conditions for entrepreneurship in local ecosystems.
  • Encourage cross-border exchanges between Tunisia and Sicily at the level of start-ups and innovation ecosystem actors.
The main target groups addressed are:

  • Young engineering graduates with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
  • young entrepreneurs engaged in the initial phase of launching a company derived from research results
  • Consultants and trainers involved in guiding the maturation of entrepreneurial ideas

Final Beneficiaries

  • Business associations
  • Research, development, and technological innovation centres
  • The companies
  • Local communities


  • Consultations, discussion tables, and dialogue with entities and organizations that are part of the innovation ecosystem.
  • Recruitment and selection of young aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Bilateral mobility, Training, Mentoring of young entrepreneurs.
  • Creation of strategic transboundary cooperation alliances between companies.

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