“YOUth COOPs: promoting social and cooperative entrepreneurship for young people”
Ref. number: 2018-2-ES02-KA205-011519
Promimpresa is partner in the European project YOUth COOPs, co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.
Promimpresa together with the project leader Tribeka Traingin Lab (Spain) and the partners PRISM (Italy), Magenta Consultoria Projects (Spain), European Center for Quality (Bulgaria) and ICEP (Slovakia), aims to implement innovative practices for the creation of a favorable environment for young people who wish to engage in local social cooperative enterprises, in order to bring young people closer to the world of cooperatives. YOUth COOPs wants to provide young people with the tools and skills to stimulate entrepreneurial initiative in the world of social cooperatives; the innovative approach and the simple tools that will be produced, will make the project unique and replicable in every part of Europe.
YOUth COOPs is running between November 2018 and August 2020.
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That's good news!
Today the YOUthCOOPs portal has been presented to the 20 mentors that took part to the 3 learning activities of the project!
The platform is the second intellectual output of YOUthCOOPs project and it’s an open space to find learning material about social and cooperative entrepreneurship and to match mentors with mentees. The platform has been created by the slovak partner ICEP and the entire partnership is fully satisfied about the result achieved!.
Promimpresa’s mentors took part to the event: Jasmine, project coordinator and vet trainer, Sabrina, business developer and trainer on self entrepreneurship, Marzia, social worker in the field job searching and Lorenzo, youth worker in the field of migration!
To surf the platform see the button below