Since its creation, The European Projects Department of Promimpresa has been very active in promoting the economic and social inclusion of vulnerable people and strengthening formal and informal education systems for improved learning programs in national and international contexts.
Thanks to a passionate and competent team, many collaborating experts, and a large network of partners from Europe and beyond, we have implemented:

Research & Innovation

ESPAS | Programma ENI di Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia-Tunisia 2014-2020

Global Spin | Erasmus + Project

Entrepreneurship & Employment

YOUTH COOPS | Erasmus + Project

JobAssist LLP Project

ALLER-Alliances Entrepreneuriales dans le cadre de Réseaux transfrontaliers

Environmental Sustainability

Embedding Sustainability Skills in Tourism Education and Training

PRO-YOUTH | Erasmus + Project

PRO-YOUTH | Erasmus + Project “TOURISMED – Fishing Tourism for a Sustainable tourism development in the Mediterranean area”

RecyclART: projectual creative recycling to payback the environment

Social Permaculture: Empowering an Active Society project

IMPACK – “Training in Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Design – Embracing the impact of COVID-19 in e-commercTraining in Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Design – Embracing the impact of COVID-19 in e-commercee”

Migration & Social Inclusion

No Left Behind Children | Erasmus + Project

H.E.Y.! Heightening the Engagement of Youth

Youth Connections | Erasmus + Project

ESCAPE |Erasmus + Virtual Exchange

ICT & Digital Innovation

INNOSPARK “Sparking Creativity and Innovation Skills in the ICT Sector” | Erasmus + Project

Journey to the World of Robotics | Erasmus + Project

STRANDS | Erasmus + Project

PRO-DIGIT | Erasmus + Project

I-CAREER | Erasmus + Project

DARE 4.0 |Erasmus + Virtual Exchange

Socio-economic inclusion & Gender

(EW4RD) Empowered Women For Rural Development | Erasmus + Project

WISE (Women Inclusion through Social Enterprise) | Erasmus + Project

RAISE “Raising Awareness for Inclusive Societies Expression” | Erasmus + Project

Competence Development & Language Acquisition

(IPAL) Improving Instructional Practices in Adult Learning and Supporting Adult Trainers’ Professional Development (2020-1-ES01-KA204-082050)

SoftComInVET | “Bridging the gap of in-company trainers soft-skills competences in the VET sector” | Erasmus + Project

HI-GLOBE | Highlighting the Potential English Language Learning. Global Education Purposes

COMPB4D: Competences before diplomas

TRAINING ACCESS (2018-1-ES01-KA204-050989)

SoftSkils4EU “Promote your Soft Skills with Open Badges” | Erasmus + Project

LP/Grundtvig: KODE

Wellbeing in Schools and Adult Education


Well School Tech | Erasmus + Project

Welness LLP Project